As Neon District continues to add thousands of new players a week, a few common questions that pop up are or. …



With help from:

Sam Curry

In this write-up we will describe the content of the puzzle game and how to solve each part of it. We also point out where the bonus puzzle is which has its own prize pool of 4000 DCL wearables (solution not provided).

The Trailhead

Matic trading for Neon District assets is now live on!

With OpenSea now natively supporting Matic assets, this gives players another option for buy/selling assets in addition to the previously supported While multiple wallets can support Matic assets minted on the Polygon network, this guide will focus on using Metamask, one of the most popular browser wallets.

If you…

ziotcoin is a new experimental hacker themed social token that creates an ecosystem around bug bounty rewards and reports created by Brett Buerhaus (aka ziot) As part of the launch of his new token, he created a special launch puzzle where the prize was two time locked nfts using the…

Puzzle can be found on Zden’s website

Solved by

JTobcat —@JTobcat
Ziot — @bbuerhaus
Motive —@leemsparks

The Puzzle

After almost 2 years with no new puzzles, Zden has released his second puzzle of 2021 with the visually interesting artwork. Some information can be found about the artwork encoded in the metadata of the image and on Opensea:

So you’ve decided to join the ranks of delivering pizza in Neon District. It’s a pretty easy task making an account and getting a basic team set up for Tier 1 deliveries in the Neon Pizza game mode. …

Retribution is here! This update brings the last critical piece to the gameplay loop for Neon Pizza. With this update, power is given back to delivery teams as they now have the ability to open hit contracts against other teams that successfully ambush them. A hit contract that is successfully…

First Week in Review

The inhabitants of Neon District were overrun with pizza this week as over 2,200 players logged-on to deliver pizza and earn Neon. The influx of new players contributed to a milestone in Neon District with over 100,000 NFTs minted on the Matic Network.

Our developers worked hard to make some…

Play to Earn is now here with the new Neon Pizza mode in Neon District! Players can now begin earning Neon by delivering pizza to local residents, while defending themselves from nefarious teams looking to ambush others.

What is Neon District?

Neon District is a free-to-play cyberpunk role-playing game featuring collectible NFTs on Matic…

A weeks long Crypto Puzzle by SpacePirate Games

Solved by:
JTobcat @JTobcat Justin Tobin
motive @leemsparks Lee Sparks
ziot @bbuerhaus Brett Buerhaus
LeFevre @_LeFevre_ Benjamin LeFevre

The cryptohunt was initially announced on June 3, with 10 puzzles being dropped over the following 5 weeks. …

Justin Tobin

Destroyer and Builder of Puzzles

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