Bored Ape Yacht Club — Jimmy the Monkey Puzzle Solution


With help from:

The Trailhead

Jimmy the Monkey

Club House

The Boat Room

The Party Room

Dog Collar

The Lyric Sheet

The Pool

Inflatable Duck

Bar Menu

Final Answer: Aperol

The Kitchen

Final Answer: Macaque

The Library

Bus Don Ush Elf

Book Shelf

The Monkey Hands

Naval Flags

5 Bit Binary


Book Titles



Final Answer: Guenon

The Game Room

Board Game Rules

Final Answer: Bingo

The Attic

The Skeleton

The Attic Puzzle

Final Answer: Australopithecus

The Final Solution

aperol australopithecus bingo guenon macaque

The Submission

The Win



The Crate Room (Bonus Puzzle)



Destroyer and Builder of Puzzles

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