Neon District Asset Guide

12 min readOct 1, 2021


As Neon District continues to add thousands of new players a week, a few common questions that pop up are “That’s a cool asset, where did that come from?” or “What assets are valuable?”. Below I will run through every type of asset that is part of the Neon District game, what it does, how it was obtained, and a where you can try to get one.

Asset Scarcity

People always ask what gives value to their items and if items in the game are limited. There are actually both limited and unlimited items in the game and a few different mechanics that drive value. Neon District has its eyes set on a player base of millions with a free to play (f2p) model to appeal to a wide audience. If all items were limited and only a few thousand existed, that would effectively cap the number of players that could play the game and make the barrier to entry higher than most players could afford. Instead, Neon District offers both limited supply nft items for players that prefer to collect assets for their scarcity while also having uncapped supply assets that give f2p players a low barrier of entry to blockchain gaming and enables them to build value in their own assets by leveling them up and making them stronger.

Limited Supply Assets

Neon District offers items that are exclusive/limited/scarce. These are limited run assets like shells, founders gear, and death knight gear. They could only be bought during a specific time window or had a limited supply until they were all looted and no more will ever be minted. These assets derive additional value due to their scarcity as there is no other way to obtain them anymore. An upcoming example of this would be the first Neon District expansion set, “End of Days”, a limited edition all-weapons Loot Crate coming in Q4 2021.

Unlimited Supply Assets

Uncapped assets are what currently drop from the Season 1 base crates and allow the f2p model to exist. The value of these assets is derived from something called Sweat Equity. This means the time and effort a player puts into playing the game directly increases their assets value as they level them up and choose powerful upgrades for them. The game is currently capping assets at level 5 during alpha for balancing, but eventually the level cap will be raised to level 15 and players will be able to start seeing the true value of their hard work in their leveled assets. A player looking to sell level 10–15 gear that is optimally upgraded is more likely to see increased interest in their assets over a player selling level 1–5 gear fresh from a crate. A similar example is people who will buy high level WOW accounts but not buy a low level one, as they could just make their own low level account with minimal effort themselves, so there isn’t any cost or time saving incentive to buy one.

“But there are already so many assets already on the market”. Yes, this is due to the fact that not all features of the game have been implemented yet. It has always been planned to have an asset sink where players could break down unwanted gear and characters to receive parts and juice in return. (which will be one of the primary ways to earn parts/juice in the future along with them being awarded as mission/campaign rewards)

A more in depth guide to the asset model of Neon District can be found here written by Chris Chapman, Executive Producer of Blockade Games

Asset Compendium

Below is a list of every Neon District game asset to date. I have included all relevant information about each asset including its supply type, its total quantity, when it was minted and what chain the assets reside on. In addition I also provide a brief history of the asset, such as how it was originally obtained and what utility it offers to the game.

Blockade Games Degen Trophy

Chain: Eth Mainnet
When Minted: March 14, 2018 - Current
Supply Type: Limited
Quantity: 75
Link: Opensea Collection (wrapped)

Ownership Benefits: Considered the oldest and premiere Neon District asset. Current confirmed benefits are God Key drop rates for crates (see chart under Founder Keys) and early access to all new gameplay modes.

How they were acquired: Neon Districts history has deep roots with creating crypto puzzles. Most all trophies were awarded over the years for either solving a crypto puzzle and receiving a trophy as a prize or were obtained as a tournament reward with collaboration partners

How to get one now: Only 2 trophies still exist to be earned by solving the “Circuits” puzzle in the Neon District discord (It remains unsolved for 3+ years). Otherwise they can be bought on Opensea from current holders under the official Wrapped Trophy category (the original assets are erc20/721 hybrid assets and are incompatible with OpenSea unless wrapped)

Founder Keys

Chain: Eth Mainnet
When Minted: March 28, 2019— December 15, 2020
Supply Type: Limited
Quantity: 857 total
20 Godkey
143 Root Key
80 Admin Key
47 Super-User Key
567 User Key
Link: Opensea Collection

Ownership Benefits: Provides boosted drop rates to loot crates per the chart below and gives early access to all new gameplay modes. Founder keys also contain 6 gem slots that can be filled by completing specific time dependent tasks. Gems are said to unlock secrets, game modes and special effects in the future.

How they were acquired: Founder Keys were earned as part of the launch of Season 0 and a referral process. Players earned points the more referrals they had sign up with their link or could choose to buy additional points to boost their rank. Founder Key rarity was assigned based on final leaderboard position. Top 20 got God Keys, 21–333 got Root Keys, 334–666 got Admin Keys, 667–1000 got Super-User Keys and 1001+ got User Keys. Keys cost 0.036 eth to claim ($5 at the time) with only 857 players claiming their key.

So far, only 3 Gem earning opportunities have happened to date leaving 3 gem slots remaining.
The first Gem was earned March 2019 by the first 10k people to sign up for the Season 0 sale. All key holders in the first 10k signups received their first gem.
The second gem was earned October 2019 with the release of the Season 0 game build and required players playing Season 0 and providing feedback through a feedback form at least one of the 6 weeks of updates.
The third gem was earned December 2020 with the release of Season 1 PVP mode and required playing 5 pvp matches over the course of a month prior to the public release of Neon Pizza game mode.
Gems slots are filled sequentially, so a player completing tasks 1 and 3 would have their first 2 gems slots filled.

How to get one now: Founder keys can no longer be bought and are only available through secondary sales on OpenSea.

Special Note: Mythical Key #1897 is a tribute key that was owned by coin_artist’s father who passed away during the launch of Season 0 and had his key immortalized with custom artwork to honor him.

Season Zero Shells

Chain: Eth Mainnet
When Minted: March 29, 2019 — April 15, 2019
Supply Type: Limited
Quantity: 45,517 total
796 Legendary
5,438 Ultra Rare
9,949 Rare
13,353 Uncommon
15,981 Common
Link: Opensea Collection

Description: There are over 400 different pieces of art spanning all the different shell types. This means that within a certain asset grouping there is a subset of unique artwork for that group. (ie. there are 404 Rare Rifle shells total with 7 different unique color palettes/designs within them). Some assets, such as Jack Pants have some designs where only a few copies exist.

Bonding a shell requires a base asset to apply the Shell onto — these are the 5 new base armor sets of all rarities for the Doctor, Ghost, Jack, Chance, and Demon armor sets, and 6 new base weapons. The shell is destroyed upon bonding to an asset at which point:
1. The custom art from the shell is permanently applied to the matching weapon
2. You receive an additional upgrade roll at your current asset level with a boost applied to the roll
For example, if you bond a Shell to a level 9 asset, you will permanently apply the associated art to that gear and get an additional free upgrade using the level 9 roll table with a boost to improve odds of higher ranked cards at that level(the asset will remain level 9)

Using a Shell in-game requires bridging the asset over to Polygon using a special mechanic built into the Neon District Portal. All shells migrated over to Polygon for use in-game will come with a drop of the base asset to apply the Shell to, and gas costs incurred in transferring assets are reimbursed in Neon.

How they were acquired: Shells could only be bought during the initial Season 0 sale which lasted 2 weeks. Founder keys gave improved drop rates based on both rarity of key and key number (ie. root key 50 gave slightly better better odds than root key 75).

How to get one now: Shells can no longer be bought and are only available through secondary sales on Opensea.

Special Note: The total amount of shells includes 5,050 Chase Shells that were minted exclusively to be given away for a NYC blockchain conference in May 2019. Only 137 were given away with 4913 items being lost in the conference wallet.

Radiant Blade

Chain: Eth Mainnet
When Minted: December 12, 2019 —current
Supply Type: Limited (When 10 Legendary blades are discovered, the sale ends)
Quantity: Unknown (~350–1400 per simulation)
Common (47%)
Uncommon (28%)
Rare (15.35%)
Ultra Rare (8.25%)
Legendary (1.4%)
Link: Lootbox, OpenSea Collection

Description: These assets were the first collaboration asset between Neon District and two other game companies. You can read more about the Radiant Blades cross game use here.

How they were acquired: By purchasing a LootBox on Opensea.

How to get one now: You can still purchase lootboxes for 0.17 eth ($35 at the time of listing) on Opensea to roll a new Radiant Blade. Loot boxes will continue to be sold until 10 legendary Radiant Blades are found at which time the contract will automatically shut off. You can also buy revealed blades from the secondary market on Opensea.

Pizza Box

Chain: Eth Mainnet
When Minted: January 13, 2021-March 16, 2021
Supply Type: Limited
Quantity: 50
Link: OpenSea Collection

Ownership Benefits: Holding a pizza box nft in a linked game wallet gives the player a bonus 20% Neon in tips on active delivery.

How they were acquired: To celebrate the launch of neon pizza mode, 50 collectible boxes were sold for 0.5 eth ($250 at the time). Each kit included the pizza box nft, a full set of legendary ambusher and delivery armor nfts (see below), and an actual pizza box filled with physical assets such as Neon Pizza shirt, sticker pack, pizza cutter and neon accessories.

How to get one now: Pizza boxes can no longer be bought and are only available through secondary sales on Opensea. Buying one now only gets you the box nft and does not include any additional armor drops.

Season One Founders Gear

Chain: Polygon/Eth Mainnet
When Minted: October 12, 2019-October 19, 2019
Supply Type: Limited
Quantity: 13,745
Link: OpenSea Collection

Description: To celebrate the launch of Season 1, loot crates during the first week of sales only dropped Founders Gear. This gear paid homage to many of Neon Districts past works with their themes (Plasma Bears and Ledger of Szabo) and popular crypto icons (doge and satoshi). All founders gear had boosted rolls (better chance of rolling higher level upgrades) on their auto rolls from crates.

How they were acquired: Could only be found in loot crates during the first week of Season 1 sale. (Note: all founders gear also carries the First Edition tag)

How to get one now: Founders Gear can no longer be acquired and is only available through secondary sales on any supported marketplace.

Season One First Edition Gear

Chain: Polygon/Eth Mainnet
When Minted: October 12, 2019-December 6, 2019
Supply Type: Limited
Quantity: 23,402
Link: OpenSea Collection

Description: Similar to first print runs of MTG or Pokemon TCG, some gear is stamped with a cosmetic First Edition tags indicating they were part of the initial minting.

How they were acquired: All Season 1 gear minted during the first 6 weeks of Season 1 were given this First Edition Tag.

How to get one now: First Edition gear can no longer be acquired and is only available through secondary sales on any supported marketplace.

Season One Death Knight Gear

Chain: Polygon/Eth Mainnet
When Minted: November 23, 2019 and March 24, 2021
Supply Type: Limited
Quantity: 25 per armor and weapon
Link: OpenSea Collection

Description: The Death Knight was one of the original designed Neon District character concept used throughout much of the early marketing and was a highly requested character outfit. Only 25 of each armor and weapon piece exist making it one of the rarest Season 1 items to exist. (Only a few Founder Gear legendary pieces are rarer)

How they were acquired: The initial armor gear was added to loot crates near the end of the Season 1 sale with only 25 of each piece to be found. Once all were looted, no more could be minted. The Death Knight sword was added a year and a half later March 2021 with 20 added to crates and being fully looted within 24 hours (5 were retained by the team for future giveaways/events)

How to get one now: Death Kight gear can no longer be acquired and is only available through secondary sales on any supported marketplace.

Season One Delivery/Ambusher Armor

Chain: Polygon/Eth Mainnet
When Minted: January 15, 2021-February 2, 2021
Supply Type: Limited
Legendary Delivery — 50 armor sets
Legendary Ambusher — 50 armor sets
Rare Delivery — 819 armor sets
Rare Ambusher — 124 armor sets
Link: OpenSea Collection

Description: This gear set was created to celebrate the launch of the Neon Pizza game mode. Two different types of gear exist (Ambusher and Delivery) in two different rarities (Legendary and Rare)

How they were acquired: Legendary Ambusher and Delivery gear was only obtainable with the purchase of a Neon Pizza NFT box (described above). Each Box came with a full set of both legendary armors. The Rare Delivery gearset was given to any player who Completed 5 delivery shifts (In either Tier 1 or 2) during the first 2 weeks of Neon Pizza Gameplay while the Rare Ambusher gearset was given to any player who Attempted 5 Ambushes (Win or Lose) during that same timeframe.

How to get one now: Ambusher and Delivery gear can no longer be acquired and is only available through secondary sales on any supported marketplace.

Season One Base Gear

Chain: Polygon/Eth Mainnet
When Minted: October 19, 2019 — today
Supply Type: Unlimited
Quantity: -
Link: OpenSea Collection

Description: This gear is what every player can obtain from loot crates currently and is uncapped supply. As described above, its value is derived from Sweat Equity and the time put into carefully leveling it up to differentiate it from other gear.

How they were acquired: Any player can acquire this gear through lootbox drops using Neon either purchased or earned in game.

How to get one now: By spending 500 Neon on a loot crate to roll 4 items in game or by purchasing gear on any supported marketplace.

Metaversal Neon District Badge

Chain: Eth Mainnet
When Minted: September 28, 2021
Supply Type: Limited
Metaversal Black card— 1
Metaversal Midnight card — 11
Metaversal Magenta card — 1111
Link: OpenSea Collection

Description: Metaversal is the 14th studio album by groundbreaking electronic artist BT. It is represented by a interactive codebase living on blockchain that is both audio reactive art and a cryptographic treasure hunt. This exclusive badge unlocks the album version of Laurel Canyon Night Drive from Metaversal in Neon District to be listened to in any battle mode. Excitingly, they offer a secret utility to be discovered by holders.

How they were acquired: These could be obtained via a free claim through LinkDrop on Twitter if you were a follower of Neon District or BT prior to the announcement date.

How to get one now: Metaversal Neon District Badges can longer be acquired and is only available through secondary sales on Opensea.